ADA’s Red Candle Cult: A Tale of Decline and Hope


As the cryptocurrency carnival continues, Cardano’s ADA was seen sulking in a corner, nursing its wounds from a four-week price decline, setting a new crypto melodrama record. The room was filled with murmurs about rate hike fears, an intrusive SEC crackdown, and the dollar – the high school jock – recovering from a slump.

The 19th of June painted a grim picture as ADA’s price dropped over 3%. This would potentially make it the fourth consecutive week of red candles on ADA’s chart, prompting a few to question whether ADA had joined a secret candle-loving cult.

No relief was in sight for the “Cardano Bulls” as the price slumped over 3% to daily lows of $0.257. The reason? ADA’s name was found in the SEC’s clandestine list of ‘unregistered securities’. Talk about unwanted attention!

Throw in a sprinkling of Federal Reserve’s hawkish guidance, and you have yourself a crypto cocktail that’s far from intoxicating. Expectations of a further 50 basis point hike in 2023 seemed to have sparked a loss of appetite among risk asset enthusiasts for ADA.

ADA liquidations

According to data provided by, ADA-linked derivatives’ open interest fell to a meager $111 million, as low as a marmot’s burrow, last seen in January 2021. Over the past 24 hours, liquidations worth around $360,000 sent chills down the spine, with long positions losing the most at $341,320. Clearly, bullish traders had decided they had had enough of the ADA roller coaster ride, contributing to the 19th June’s sell-off mania.

On that very day, ADA’s intraday price decline and the U.S. Dollar Index’s 0.15% rise choreographed a rather inverse dance, threatening to break their daily positive correlation coefficient. The dollar, making a comeback inside its symmetrical triangle pattern, could mean more rough days for ADA.

Looking back at Cardano’s glory days, the bull run of 2021 propelled it to the ranks of the 4th biggest cryptocurrency, as if touched by Midas himself. The 100x price spike made early investors feel like Scrooge McDuck, swimming in coins. It was even compared to the legendary Ethereum. Alas! This glory was short-lived.

The crypto world’s ‘Thanos Snap’ of 2022 saw the top 50 coins losing at least half their value, with Cardano receiving no special exemption. The year 2023 showed ADA being outperformed by its peers, and its smart contract launch turned out to be less of a bang and more of a whimper.

Meanwhile, Ethereum continued its reign as the king of NFTs and home to countless projects. Despite astronomical gas fees, Ethereum remained the darling of the crypto world, unscathed by the SEC’s prying eyes and radiating the practicality of its use cases.

Who knows, ADA might still have an ace up its sleeve, waiting for the right moment to set the crypto stage ablaze once again. But for now, the lights seem to be dimming on the Cardano show.

Cardano, the tool

Even in the midst of its downtrend drama, Cardano has its array of use cases that makes it a crypto protagonist hard to ignore. One could argue that ADA is the Clark Kent of cryptocurrencies – humble yet powerful. Cardano’s unique proof-of-stake blockchain platform focuses on security, scalability, and sustainability. It’s the crypto-nerd’s dream come true, solving complex mathematical problems without breaking a computational sweat.

Add to it, Cardano’s push towards democratizing finance in developing regions – aiming to bring secure and scalable blockchain solutions to millions without access to basic banking services. Meanwhile, its smart contracts facilitate the development of a variety of decentralized apps, ranging from DeFi protocols to NFT marketplaces. So, despite the price blues, Cardano’s utility marches on, strutting like a peacock in the blockchain jungle.

Stocking up on ADA

In the cryptosphere, one wise adage rings true – buy low, sell high. And if we’re talking about Cardano’s ADA, now might be the time to channel your inner Warren Buffet. As ADA bobs in the valley of opportunities, savvy investors might be wondering how to buy ADA and secure their digital future. Fret not, because ADA is available at your fingertips on crypto exchanges, ready to be scooped up like the last piece of pie at a family dinner. And with ADA currently mirroring the diving antics of a professional limbo dancer, the time has never been better to invest. So gear up, grab your digital wallet, and prepare to add a dash of ADA to your crypto portfolio. Just remember, in the high-speed, unpredictable world of cryptocurrencies, caution should be your co-pilot.

Proof of a cryptizen

Cardano’s ADA hasn’t lost its unique charm. It holds a “proof-of-stake” (PoS) badge, a special rite of passage in the crypto-verse that Ethereum could only dream of until recently. Now, what does this PoS wizardry mean for users?

In layman’s terms, proof-of-stake is like being in a democratic crypto nation where you get a vote based on the number of ADA coins you own or ‘stake.’ The more ADA you have, the greater the chances of being chosen to validate transactions and add new blocks to the blockchain. This not only helps to maintain the network but also earns you some additional ADA coins as a reward, making your virtual wallet a bit heavier.

Unlike its power-hungry cousin, the proof-of-work, PoS doesn’t require users to solve complex puzzles faster than their peers, thus reducing energy consumption to the equivalent of a small town’s Christmas lights. So with Cardano, you’re not just an investor, you’re an environmentally-friendly, blockchain-sustaining, democracy-supporting cryptizen. Now, isn’t that a reason to brave the current price dip and dive into the ADA pool?


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