Bitcoin and Monero Soaring This Week, But Raboo Presale is Stealing All the Buzz!


While top coins like Bitcoin and Monero have shown promising price increases, the red-hot Raboo presale is grabbing all the headlines. Now nearing the end of its Stage 3 presale, Raboo ($RABT) has generated over $1.5M and is tipped to produce a 100x ROI in 2024.

Here’s why Raboo is generating so much buzz!

Bitcoin Price Maintain Steady Bullish Trend

Thanks to increasing institutional acceptance, Bitcoin went above $60,000 in March 2024. With this encouraging trend carried out into April, Bitcoin hit a 2024 high of almost $72,000. However, in the second half of April, there was a substantial decline, and the Bitcoin price fell below $70,000.

Most of the month has seen Bitcoin trading between $68,000 and $70,000. This stretch of rather stable prices may indicate the market’s health before another possible price spike. A closer look at the last month shows that Bitcoin has actually climbed a significant 9.89%, indicating a potential uptrend.

Monero Makes Modest Gains

Data from CoinMarketCap indicates that the price of Monero (XMR) has somewhat increased recently. Monero is now trading at about $143.44 as of May 27, 2024, up 0.36% from the previous day. Even if this increase is small, it stands out in a market where the value of numerous cryptocurrencies is declining.

Monero’s performance thus far in the year presents a conflicting image. Monero hasn’t increased at the same rate as several other cryptocurrencies despite avoiding the significant losses that some have experienced. As of now, in 2024, Monero is 5.11% less expensive than it was back then.

In the past day, the value of the global cryptocurrency market fell by 0.23%. It suggests that Monero might be experiencing a period of relative decoupling.

Raboo Steals the Spotlight Despite Bullish Trend

However, this week’s real story belongs to Raboo ($RABT) in the meme coin sector. Unlike its predecessors, Raboo boasts an ambitious blend: artificial intelligence, a passionate community, and the promise of explosive growth. Analysts are scrambling to predict its trajectory with the presale acting as a launchpad for Raboo.  Some estimates suggest a scorching 233% price increase by the presale’s completion, essentially rewarding early investors with more than double their initial investment. But the bullish predictions don’t stop there.  These same analysts forecast a mind-blowing 100x surge upon launch on major exchanges.

Beyond its AI aspirations, Raboo prioritizes fostering a strong community for meme coin enthusiasts.  Their platform aims to connect like-minded individuals worldwide, fostering a vibrant space for meme creation and collaboration.  On top of that, there’s the “Post-to-Earn” feature, which allows users to monetize their social media content — an avenue to create new revenue streams for meme creators.

Undoubtedly, Raboo’s ongoing presale has generated significant buzz. They’ve surpassed $1.5 Million, with over 2,100 investors joining the project. The token price has already increased by 40% since the presale began, pushing several other investors to seize this chance. These numbers translate to a scorching entry-level token price of only $0.003 to its current Stage 3 price of $0.0042.


Boasting a passionate community, a possible 100x ROI upon launch, and a secret weapon in the form of AI technology, Raboo is drawing serious investor interest. The presale is close to its next stage, allowing interested buyers to still get RABt tokens for a discounted price.

You can participate in the Raboo presale here:




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