TON Grows Over 20% In A Week, Potentially Aiding Cosmic Kittens Presale Figures


Many people have given up on the entire NFT ecosystem because they view it as an avenue for a handful of people to get rich by offering useless NFTs that have no real-world utility to unsuspecting investors and enthusiasts. However, the recent rise of the NFT gaming ecosystem is rapidly changing this narrative. A project like Cosmic Kittens is gaining fame for its potential to revolutionize the gaming world.

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Toncoin (TON) Records Massive DeFi Expansion in 2024

Toncoin has silently grown into one of the most successful cryptocurrencies since the recent crypto bull market, and its story is nothing short of extraordinary. TON is an open and decentralized internet community using technology designed by Telegram, a global decentralized social media platform. Since its inception, TON has helped organizations and individuals collaborate, build, and grow in previously impossible ways.

All a new user needs to do is to begin a Telegram account. TON is the network’s native cryptocurrency, and it is used for transactions on the TON network. TON has witnessed impressive growth over the past few months, but most people have not paid attention to this cryptocurrency. Without a doubt, Toncoin (TON) has what it takes to become one of the biggest success stories in the cryptocurrency space.

TON trades at $7.62 per token at the time of writing, representing a 5.9% increase over the past day. Furthermore, It took full advantage of recent bullish sentiments, surging to a new all-time high of $8.25 in mid-June. TON is currently the 9th largest cryptocurrency, with a market cap of $18.7 billion and a 24-hour trading volume of $254 million.

Onchain data shows that most holders are not interested in selling this token because the next few months promise to be exciting for TON if things go according to plan. Notwithstanding, TON is often associated with doggedness because this token has witnessed tough times and grown considerably, silencing critics and naysayers in the process.

Cosmic Kittens (CKIT): A Unique GameFi Combination that Could Dominate the Market

Cosmic Kittens is an attractive project that could take over the entire GameFi space with its plans for immersive gaming. It features an enjoyable experience that borrows several gaming dynamics from classics like Tamagotchi, Pokemon, and Digimon. Cosmic Kittens’ ecosystem will let gamers form intimate bonds with their NFT assets through nurturing and grooming furry little pets.

Gamers will be able to create cosmic sanctuaries for their NFT pets. These sanctuaries can be outfitted with unique gaming assets that reflect a player’s style. Cosmic Kittens NFTs also offer attractive incentives to gamers. Players can sell their NFT assets and earn high profits. Cosmic Kittens will also give prizes based on a tiered reward system that incentivizes long-term commitment. Its most dedicated gamers will get access to exclusive NFT assets and Galactic art drops.

Cosmic Kittens is joining the blockchain gaming industry, which is experiencing a CAGR of 68.3% increase from now till 2030. These predictions estimate that the value of the crypto gaming sector will reach $614.91 billion by that time. Furthermore, the network ensures security by establishing robust systems that will keep investors safe and protected. This platform will lock team tokens for two years. It will also implement a 26-year lock on liquidity assets. These measures have increased investor trust and faith in its ecosystem.

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Embrace The Beauty Of Cosmic Kittens by Participating in its Upcoming Presale

Industry insiders know that NFT gaming has been one of the most attractive gaming sectors in the past few years. Projects like Cosmic Kittens (CKIT), with their revolutionary gaming aspects, have the potential to pull attention toward their network.

Furthermore, the upcoming launch of Cosmic Kittens’ (CKIT) presale has attracted widespread attention, especially as it offers the opportunity to get in on the project at a low price for a limited time. CKIT will start selling at $0.0055 per token by the launch of its presale. Joining early also gives the opportunity to enjoy its 20% bonus.

Presale participants can be selected to purchase 700 NFTs at a presale exclusive rate of 0.02 ETH, which will escalate to 0.04 ETH at mint.

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